Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things I Did Today in Order To Avoid Grading

took Eva to school
had breakfast with Madeline
cleaned both the bathrooms
scrubbed the grout around bathroom faucets with a toothbrush
made brownies for the babysitter
made a cake for Kyle and the kids to take to church
called my friend Jennifer
magic eraser-ed the walls and nightstand in Daniel's room
swept the tile floors
washed all the rugs
washed all the towels
washed all the sheets
folded a load of clothes from the dryer
dried and put away the humidifiers for the summer
returned emails
caught up on my blog feed
arranged a meal for a couple in our church
arranged another meal for a couple in our church
called our pastor about contact information for another person who might need meals
found a babysitter for Eva tomorrow
called my mom
called the doctor's office
emptied the dishwasher
refilled the dishwasher
handwashed some bowls from last night's dinner
picked Eva up from an after-school playdate
read books with Eva
cut up and packaged the brownies for the babysitter, and wrote a note to go with it
got Eva to draw a picture and write a note for the babysitter
delivered the brownies
made copies of the kids' chore charts
watched the new Rihanna video
reviewed a cover letter for a friend looking for a job
made a grocery list
went to the bank
removed all the loose papers from the backseat of our car and recycled them

I think this was the most productive day of procrastination I've ever had. Maybe what I've been needing to do all semester is assign papers in ALL my classes. I could have been getting so much more done around the house!

And the really funny thing is that after all that procrastination, I actually managed to finish all the grading I needed to do while my night class took their final. In fact, I'm writing this blog post to kill the last 15 minutes of class time before I can give up on all the last-minute people who are pushing the 9:00 paper deadline. I wonder if they all had really productive days, too?