Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Have a Good Idea

So our son Daniel has a number of catch phrases he's picked up recently, one of which is "I have a good idea...". The thing is, about 99% of the time, you can be sure that the very next thing out of his mouth will be something that is decidedly NOT a good idea. For instance:
-"We should skip taking baths tonight."
-"We could have m&m's for lunch."
-"I could skip my nap and watch a video instead."

Recently, I have been thinking about all the funny things our kids say and do, and all the family and friends we have living so far away, and thinking that I might like to start a blog. Somehow I feel more comfortable writing on a blog than I do commenting on Facebook, as here people only have to read my ramblings if they choose to click on the link, put me on their RSS feed, or whatever.

The thing is, that like many well-intentioned folks out there, I often start things with an enthusiastic bang, only to let them fizzle out after a period of weeks or months. To look around on the internet, it seems that blogging is one of those things that, like dieting or flossing your teeth, seems too easy to let slip. Knowing myself, I fear that I will fall into this trap, and will kick myself for wasting a whole nap-time setting this thing up in the first place. But I also know that there are many days when it would be so nice to just write my thoughts down, and goodness knows that in my time as a therapist I certainly recommended writing to my clients enough...

So I've decided to start, and to keep my fingers crossed that this blog won't be a good idea in the sense that Daniel has good ideas.


  1. Fun!
    I have let my blog go to the wayside, but I want to get back at it.
    Question: Why Sterup Pants?

  2. Oh, and about ideas . . .
    Annika has a friend who told her Mommy, "Annika is my bestest friend, but sometimes she has IDEAS."

    I like Daniel's idea of what an idea is--something new and unprecendented :)

  3. I love steruppants. I was just telling someone the other day how I thought you should have named Eva "Pants" so that in the phone book she would be listed as Sterup, Pants. They're making a come back you know.

  4. I'm pretty sure I have made Sterup pants jokes as well.

    One of the best part of having kids is the hilarious things they say.

  5. Erika: Thanks for doing this. I know we try to talk to each other on a regular basis but our schedules sometimes just don't mesh. I love hearing the funny things the kids say. It absolutely gives me a much needed chuckle. Sterup pants is a great name too. I think I wore Sterup pants in junior high! Eeek! That is going back a Long way! Talk to you soon sweetheart. Mom

  6. Thanks for the Google Reader suggestion . . . I'm subscribing to you now!

  7. Ellen: You've probably figured it out by now, but apparently stirrup pants were a popular fashion trend in a past decade.

  8. come on now, m&m's for lunch isn't the worst idea in the world. he could suggest things that my children suggest like poop.

  9. Yeah, Kyle, it was our decade :).
    How did I go almost 21 years as a Sterup and not hear jokes about Sterup Pants?