Sunday, May 9, 2010

Best Mother's Day Ever

Okay, so I've really only been able to celebrate four Mother's Days, but this one was pretty good. Kyle, despite being stricken with terrible allergies lately, worked really hard to give me a great day.

First let me tell you what I did NOT do today:
-Work in the yard
-Write psychology lectures

Now let me tell you what I DID do today:
-Ate eggs and cinnamon rolls with coffee for breakfast
-Played outside with the kids in beautiful weather; chatted with the neighbors
-Went shopping by myself for, like, three whole hours this afternoon during nap time
-Went jogging while Kyle made our dinner
-Played Boggle (my favorite game, despite having only beaten Kyle once in ten years)
-Watched two episodes of Arrested Development
-Gave myself a much-needed pedicure
-Wrote this blog post

To top it all off, I got some nice flowers and cards from Kyle and the kids. Daniel's teacher helped him complete a questionnaire about me, which was hilarious (apparently I am 5 years old, my favorite color is black, and my favorite film is some grown-up movie). Before bed, Eva let me trim her nails with NO struggle whatsoever (which is really a miracle worthy of calling the Vatican over). As I tucked Daniel in he said, "I like you, because you're a mom. I love you."

All that equals one satisfying day, and one very lucky mother :)


  1. It sounds like an absolutely Wonderful Day! Children make life so worthwhile. Mom