Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Captain Neurotic and the Bag Lady

Eva is in some kind of phase lately where, every time we go somewhere in the car, she wants to bring a tote bag filled with, well... stuff. Really, there's no good way to describe it in a word. There's usually a multitude of doll hair accessories, some children's costume jewelry, a few books, an empty sippy cup, some plastic spider rings leftover from Halloween, and the list goes on and on until the bag is practically overflowing. She doesn't want to play with any of the items in the bag; she really just seems to want to hoard them.

Yesterday as we rode home from picking Daniel up from school, Eva sat in her carseat clutching her bag of treasures while Daniel looked on jealously. After several attempts to coax her out of the contents of the bag, he resorted to wailing loudly and moaning, "WHEN will SOMEbody be nice to me!? Eva, I share all my toys with you all day LONG, and you won't give me ONE little toy!"

Seriously, I'm thinking we maybe need to cut back on his TV time. He's like a caricature of some Jewish grandmother, that boy!


  1. I beleive Eva has the need to carry a bag with multiple items in it from her Grandma Jan. I have a leather backback in my car that travels with me no matter where I go. The other day feeling rather industrious I decided I would go through it and give it a good cleaning out. I pulled out crushed animal crackers, some chewing gum that was really REALLY stale and multiple magazines from April. I also had a novel that I had been reading with the bookmark inserted close to the end. I'm not really sure why I hadn't finished it. My husband was just amazed at what was in the backback and why I felt the need to keep the items in it? So, Eva I am with you girl. Some things you just can't explain. We are just bag ladies and proud of it!

  2. Sorry I spelled believe incorrectly...It's that i before e thing...

  3. Aidan has gone through periods of wanting a bag or bin full of "guys" (his all-encompassing word for toys) or his "favorite things."

    Catie recently started packing various unrelated items into a bag and declaring, "I am going on holiday."