Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teacher Benefits

As anyone who watches the news knows, we here in the Midwest had a massive snowstorm yesterday.

We managed to get Faisal back from visiting his uncle in Portland in the early morning hours Tuesday, just before the storm hit and the government closed I-70. We'll be tracking down his luggage for the next few days, I'm sure, but we're thankful we were able to scramble together a shuttle and a ride from his language program Director when his flight from St. Louis to Kirksville was canceled.

While there are surely some people without power, or city works employees weary from plowing all night, this has been a little vacation for us, only with more driveway shoveling. We have plenty of food and we haven't lost power, so no eating cold soup straight out of the can or anything. The snowplow has made a lane in our street, so as soon as I get stir-crazy enough to connect Kyle's driveway shoveling to the plowed lane we'll even be able to get the cars out. The kids are all hanging out in their pajamas, reading books and watching movies and playing whatever this game is here:

And so we arrive at one of the great, uncounted benefits of teaching... The Snow Day. Today marks our fourth one this year, which makes for a pretty easy semester so far. Sure, people in other professions might get higher pay and stuff, but while they are scraping the snow off their cars and driving to work at 10mph we are sleeping in, making pancakes for breakfast, and doing stuff like this:

And that's GOT to be worth something, right?


  1. Ha, ha. I love this. Soo, true. BTW: I love the Diet Coke box picture. Too cute.

  2. Absolutely! The academic calendar is a very nice perk. (I love the box-on-the-head picture, too.)

  3. If it were my house, it'd probably be me with the coke box on my head. That's one place I haven't tried hiding yet. :)

    But snow days when you home school are a quandary. Feels like we should have a free day, but it's not like my kiddo can't make it to class...

  4. Snow days are a huge perk! Nice snow angel.