Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things I Don't Need

The other day I heard a radio blurb about someone who had an idea for a store full of, basically, things nobody needs, like Ugg boots for dogs and a doodad that gets the lid off your can of tuna so you don't get tuna juice on your fingers.

Later that day I noticed that I have tampons with inspirational sayings on the wrappers. Worse, the brand advertises itself as some kind of "sport tampons" (whatever that means), and so the sayings were I guess what I'd characterize as nonspecific-athletically inspirational.

Some examples of the phrases (because honestly, once I noticed it on one wrapper I had to look through the entire box):
-Go, Fight Win!
-You can't win if you don't play.
-Just go for it!
-You go, girl!
-Let's get out there and show 'em what we've got!

And it's this last one that's the most disturbing to me. Mostly because it begs the question, "Who is we?" Me and the tampon? 'Cause that's a little weird.

I'm just sayin'... If I were running that store of things nobody needs, I'd totally put these inspirational-phrase tampons in there.


  1. Hilarious. But why does that make me think of fortune cookies? (My favorite fortune ever, by the way, was "Send her flowers." I got that one in high school.)

  2. What exactly is that people are going for as they um, put a tampon in place? I find this disturbing. Also, and since we are oversharing here, I use the applicator-free type of tampons for the sake of the environment and my budget. No creepy, er, inspirational sayings can fit on those wrappers!