Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Funny Things Are Everywhere

From there to here and here to there,
Funny things are everywhere.
-One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

My friend Karen has a recurring post on her blog called "10 Bits of Magic," wherein she makes an easy, quick list of beautiful or positive things that are going on in her house that day. I think I'd like to copy her idea, only I am not nearly as talented at being brief in my writing, and really spend more of my time thinking about funny things that happen during my days that I feel like noting on my blog. And I'm not sure I want to be constrained by the number 10... Okay, so this is really nothing like Karen's recurring list, but she was still definitely the inspiration.

So, in honor of Dr. Seuss (a big favorite in this house), I'm going to try starting a recurring "Funny Things Are Everywhere" post of my own. Here are some things from the last couple of days around here:

-Eva insists on dressing herself these days, but tries to pull her shirt on by putting her face through the neck hole first, pulling the shirt over her head and under her chin instead of straight down over the crown. This works okay for shirts with loose neck holes, but does NOT work for tighter-fitting crewnecks. Tonight, as I reset her shirt for her four times, only to have her get stuck a fifth time, I stopped to notice that she looked like a tiny jester, with just her face sticking out and the arms of her pajamas like the long points on the sides of the headpiece.

-This evening Daniel recounted a long, rambling story he claims his teacher at Wednesday night children's church told him about courage. I'll spare you the details, but lets just say it involved a dog who avoided a snakebite by just offering that snake a bite of his sandwich.

-Monday on the carpool ride home from preschool, Daniel learned that his friend Gus's father doesn't like chocolate. He immediately said, "Wait! I'm sending your dad a message... Dear Gus's Dad, Welcome! I am very sorry you don't like chocolate. It is very good. Thank you, Daniel." Like he has some kind of dictating telepathic email system.

-A student just sent me a detailed (unsigned) email explaining why they will be missing my class tomorrow, and how they hope I have a great spring break next week and think I'm just a super teacher, not knowing that the email system at the college doesn't tell me the sender's name, just a 7-digit ID number.
All that sucking up- wasted!

-Monday I roasted a whole chicken for dinner, and Daniel (per usual) wanted to help me with dinner preparations. I allowed him to brush the olive oil onto the chicken, and as he did so, he had a jaunty little conversation with the bird.
"How does that feel, Chicky?"
"Oh, let's get a little more oil back here. That looks nice."
"Chicken!! Heh, heh, I'm putting oil on your BUTT now!"

-Also, I spent most of my run yesterday chuckling at the signs for someone running for school board (city council?) named Judy Duden. I'm sure she's a fine candidate, but I just keep alternating back and forth between a mental picture of The Dude from the Big Lebowski, and a soundtrack of myself thinking, "Heh heh. DUDE-en." What am I, 12 years old?

Okay, okay, so we'll see if I actually keep this up in any way. I'll work on my material for next time (and maybe will work on getting better prepared for the upcoming local election).


  1. I like it. Karen's lists also inspire me, but I'm with you,I WISH I could post something as succinct and beautiful as hers. I can't even keep comments that short.

  2. I LOVE these funny things!!! Thank you for making me laugh out loud this morning. I may have my own little soundtrack going all morning ("DUDE-en. Heh heh.") It should block out quite a bit of whining, in case my over-tired kids do a lot of that today. Or maybe I will just send them dictated telepathic emails. Hilarious!

    And...thank you. You guys are sweet. My ears are burning. :)

  3. You and Daniel both crack me up! I love his telepathic message: Welcome!