Friday, August 19, 2011

What Grandma Has Been Waiting For

Okay, okay already! Here's the first day of school picture:

This is not, by the way, the outfit I picked out for Daniel's first day of school. He decided that he really needed the Batman shirt instead. Eva's eyes look a little sleepy still in the photo, but she perked right up soon after this.

Both kids had good days. Daniel told us that he, "had fun all day" in kindergarten. His teacher this year is my friend Teresa. She is very experienced and someone I'm already in contact with often, so this is great for both Daniel and me. I am very glad there are people in this world who are willing to spend their entire day in a room with 20 kindergarteners.

Eva was excited that she got to pour her own milk during breakfast on the first day of preschool. May the Lord bless those preschool cafeteria workers and their nerves of steel.


  1. My Beautiful Grandbabies! I love Daniel's choice of shirt! If there were any "evil doers" on the playground well now they will know to BEWARE! Evangeline is a mirror of her mother. She has an enormous spirit right along with the backback she is toting for school. Pouring your own milk is quite a milestone when you are three and excited about your right of passage. Thank You for sharing their first day with me. Of all the wonderful moments in my life being Grandma Jan ranks right near the top. I love You.