Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why I Love Coffee

Recently, our daughter Eva (3) has figured out that she can get herself out of bed in the morning instead of waiting for us to come get her. She has also figured out that if she stands on the side rail of our bed, she can get her face right over my ear as I sleep on my side.

A sampling of whispered phrases that have abruptly started my day this week:
"Mom... Can you get me some Raisin Bran and juice?"
"Mom... I have pee in my pants."
"Mom... Daniel is up already and he won't share the green crayon."

Of course, this is preferable to her previous strategy, which was to lie in bed, yelling into the monitor, "Mommy and Daddy, I want to get UP now... Mommy and Daddy, I want to get UUUP now..." over and over until one of us lost the game of Parent Chicken and went to go get her.

Of course, when it's 6:11 in the morning, there really isn't a GOOD way to wake up, is there?


  1. I'd just be happy that she whispers!
    But then, mine aren't usually trying to get me up that early :)

  2. Dreadful, absolutely dreadful. Especially because I know Daniel's good at sleeping in! Unfair that they both won't sleep. And especially when it's something like the pee that requires work from you! And so nice to know someone else relies so heavily on coffee. :)

  3. Ah coffee! It is the elixar of Mom's the world over...I guess those comments are better than: Mom: "Daniel just gave me a haircut with our play scissors!"