Friday, April 29, 2011

The Clash

Guess who got herself dressed this morning?

I did turn her shirt around and change her into some jeans and tennis shoes before taking her to the library and the park. At the library, though, they heard a story about Pecos Bill and made "spurs" out of foil stars and pipe cleaners. I forgot to take those off her before taking her into Jimmy Johns with me. I noticed several people pointing at her and smiling, and thought they must just be saying how cute she is. Then in the parking lot I noticed the spurs.

Seriously, I should have just left her in the flowered leggings.


  1. Someone I know got their kid an "I DRESSED MYSELF!" pin that the kid got to wear on days when he dressed himself. He saw it as a point of pride, she saw it as an explanation to all the strangers!

  2. There were days that I would leave for school so early that I did not have a chance to help the kids dress. Most days, actually. And most days, Andrew did a fine job dressing the kids, but some days I picked up Catie from the sitter's house and the sitter and I would exchange glances like, "ok then..." regarding Catie's bizarre get ups. :)