Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Funny Things Are Everywhere

Here are some funny things from our week:

-Eva throwing herself from the moving merry-go-round just seconds after I said to another mom, "She's pretty tough. I'm sure she'll let us know if it's too fast and she wants to get off." She hit the ground rolling and just got up and kept playing.

-Ballots for this year's Name of the Year competition came out today. This year, I'm torn between Ebenezer Noonoo and Yolanda Supersad, while Kyle is leaning toward Monsterville Horton IV. Check it out for yourself.

-Things I never pictured myself saying in such a serious tone, like:
(In response to Eva telling her toy elephant he can't have imaginary cake until he's finished his plastic breakfast) "I think that's wise. You don't want him to fill up on junk before he's eaten some healthy food."
(To Daniel's friend Gus, who complained about always being left to wear the chicken costume to Daniel's dragon when they play their dress-up/animal face-off play-fighting game) "Actually, boys, chickens can be fierce fighters if they're bred and raised in certain ways. That beak could do some damage."
Sorry in advance to Jennifer for teaching her kid about cock fighting...

-Me, after yesterday's windstorm blew the lid to our recycling container open. Slipper-clad, hair blowing, frantically collecting and clutching to my chest half a bin's-worth of milk jugs and cardboard boxes... Trying desperately not to let Eva see how many of she and Daniel's art projects were being recycled...

Hope everyone else's week is as fun as ours!

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