Thursday, April 21, 2011

Funny Things Are Everywhere (Photo Edition)

This is my family making the letter Q. Now you all know what we do around here in our spare time. One of the kids actually called me in to see this, saying, "Take a picture of THIS, Mom!"


Eva is very good at playing by herself right now, and in the mornings while I am cleaning up breakfast or taking a shower she often gets herself so engrossed in some sort of made-up game that it is difficult to talk her into getting dressed and leaving the house. The other morning she started playing in the bathroom while I was fixing my hair, and then continued playing there long after I'd left to do some housework. When it was time to go pick up Daniel from school, I stopped to use the restroom before we left, and found this waiting for me:

Good thing I am used to having little people follow me into the bathroom. This kind of crowd could downright give a person performance anxiety. Of course she chose the toys from the movie where all the toys actually have feelings and watch everything their owners are doing...


Daniel is very sweet, and one way he has been displaying that lately is by picking me handful after handful of dandelion bouquets. He is very disappointed to find out that the dandelions have usually died by the next morning. The other day he sighed, put a determined look on his face, and said, "I guess I'll just have to pick you new flowers every day."
Lucky for him, our yard looks like this:


Finally, I was dusting a few weeks ago, and noticed this little still-life on one end of our dresser:

I call it "Nerd Love." Kyle, of course, was the one reading The Brothers Karamazov. One night about the time this picture was taken, I was reading Philip Yancey's The Jesus I Never Knew before bed while he read The Brothers next to me. "My book is quoting your book!!" I excitedly exclaimed. Yep. Cue everyone pushing up their glasses and doing a little snorty-laugh together.


Not really funny, but something I should post while I'm loading pictures, are Daniel's latest triumphs. He has gotten very good at writing:

He did that while he was supposed to be "resting" one afternoon. Hard to be mad that he didn't stay in his bed for that.

He also read his first book the other day; one of my favorites, Hop on Pop, by Dr. Seuss. Here's a link to the video, (which I will warn is VERY long).

Hope everyone out there is having a funny week!

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